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Dynamic Duo Reign At Arnold Sports Festival

Brooklyn Center residents, Mark and Sarah Wurdeman, placed first and/or second in every event that they competed in during the Arnold Sports Festival 2018 held in Columbus, OH.

The international event hosted several hundred competitors in over 40 martial arts divisions. Mark and Sarah, students in Taekwondo (Korean Karate) and Haidong Gumdo (Korean sword) at White Tiger Martial Arts, headquartered in Fridley. Both are senior students and instructors there.

Mark placed first in all four divisions that he competed – Tang Soo Do forms, Traditional Taekwondo forms, Weapons and Target cutting. Sarah had the misfortune of competing against Mark in three of the four divisions and against black belt ladies in another. Sarah will test for her black belt in Taekwondo in May 2018.

White Tiger Martial Arts focuses on the personal development of each student and uses tournaments as a way to challenge knowledge/understanding plus provide an opportunity to spend time with like-minded martial artists.

For more information about where Mark and Sarah train, please check the website – Thank you.

Awesome Day!

So, today I received the appointment to b the Co-Director of the Gumdo/Kumdo division of the Arnold Sports Festival/Battle of Columbus. this is a great honor bestowed by Supreme Grand Master Choi. T am honored to work with Senior Master Robert Gross on this event. He is an awesome martial artist and I believe that we’ll make it a success.


If you don’t make awareness part of everything that you do, you will fall prey to the skills of those who mean you harm. This is from a simple pickpocket to an assailant wanting to harm you. Be Batman and prepare for all options that you can conceive!

Don’t leave things out! Make sure that you’re working to make sure that you’re safe and in control of what you can. Even the mightiest can be corrupted!

Hero Round Table (October 23 & 24, 2017)


Often called the TED Talks of heroism, the Hero Round Table teaches people how to be more than a bystander. From our humble beginnings in Michigan to our global series on three continents and counting, we’ve already seen attendees go on to do amazing things.

Most importantly, the Hero Round Table has created a worldwide community dedicated to practicing heroism. We have spurred academic research on what makes people do heroic things, and we help regular people act on what we’ve learned. (quoted from the Hero Round Table website)

I have a very distinct honor coming up in October. I get to be one of 21 presenters for the Hero Round Table in Michigan. I will be discussing how the martial arts helps create your Hero! These Heroes take on the daily challenge of life.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. You can use the contact form below. If you are interested in attending, please follow the link here –

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Having TOO much fun at seminar!

This is what happens when you tell a bunch of students to “put in the bad guys for [blank] gumbub!” I guess they didn’t have enough direction. **Note: each group had 30 minutes to prepare the gumbub prior to performing it.


Ssangsu Gumbub Sa bon (group 1)

Ssangsu Gumbub Sa bon (group 2)

Ssangsu Gumbub O bon (group 1)

Ssangsu Gumbub O bon (group 2)

Ssangsu Gumbub Yuk bon (group 1)

Ssangsu Gumbub Yuk bon (group 2)

Ssangsu Gumbub Chil bon (group 1)

Ssangsu Gumbub Chil bon (group 2)

Ssangsu Gumbub Pal bon (group 1)

Ssangsu Gumbub Pal bon (group 2)

Ssangsu Gumbub Koo bon (group 1)

Ssangsu Gumbub Koo bon (group 2)

WTMA Class schedule update

Starting January 2017, there will be some schedule changes to add training opportunities.These can be seen on the calendars connected to each dojang location page.

We have also partnered with Spring Lake Community Education to provide Taekwondo classes as part of their programming. These classes will happen during the scheduled times below.

Below is a preview of the changes.

Twin Cities dojang
6:00pm – Haidong Gumdo
7:00pm – Beginning Taekwondo
7:30pm – Advanced Taekwondo

Twin Cities and East Central dojang
6:00pm – Beginning Taekwondo
6:30pm – Advanced Taekwondo
7:30pm – Haidong Gumdo

Twin Cities dojang
6:00pm – Haidong Gumdo
7:00pm – Beginning Taekwondo
7:30pm – Advanced Taekwondo

Twin Cities and East Central dojang
6:00pm – Beginning Taekwondo
6:30pm – Advanced Taekwondo
7:30pm – Haidong Gumdo

Twin Cities dojang
9:00am – Taekwondo Black Belt Class (1st & 3rd Saturdays) and Taekwondo All Rank Sparring (2nd & 4th Saturdays)
10:00am – Haidong Gumdo Black Belt class

Your Hero’s Journey

I finally took the time to watch the whole documentary. There is SO much that connects to our martial arts training! This is one that I think should be watched and studied. Part of our responsibility as a martial arts school is to help prepare you (The Hero) to go out into your Journey!

Sword Sparring drill

A 30 step sparring drill to work on timing, distance and concentration. The first 10 cuts done by each are the same (attack/attack). The second 10 has on student matching the others cuts (attack/reflect). The last 10 are a combination of cuts and blocks (attack/defend). The concentration and focus is important as the students may to change cutting patterns in attack/reflect and change 5 cuts to blocks in attack/defend. The timing is played on by actually trying to hit swords together (plus the noise is kinda cool).

Mudo Spirit Exemplified!

Austin is on the floor working on material 30 minutes before every class. He has been around the martial arts since the late 1960s and, at 70+ years old, still trains harder than most people that I’ve seen. He’ll deny it but he’s got better thoughts and explanations for how to improve technique than I do!

Austin – Yedo 2

Austin – Yedo 3

USA Haidong Gumdo Special Demonstration

This video is from the 2015 Battle On The Mountain hosted by North American Karate and Fitness (Pennsylvania), which is lead by Tang Soo Do Grand Master/Haidong Gumdo Chief Master Peter Oien.

It features the World Haidong Gumdo Federation Director of Education/USA Haidong Gumdo Association president, Kwanjangnim Jeong Woo Kim (on the left), and USA Haidong Gumdo Senior Chief Master, Sabumnim Marshall Parnell.

I hope that you enjoy it.

Now Available !

We have partnered with to make printed and embroidered items available on-demand with no minimum quantities. Browse through the available items and designs. There are branded logos and stock designs. Please review the pages closely to see what customization is available.

**Note: the gear bags will still be specially ordered as they come from another company and I like the quality. Bags ordered from the MyLocker site will not have the school logo on them (but it can be added afterward by our local embroiderer for an additional charge).

Check it out!