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Information about **ALL** Gumdo classes.

Back to Class…Outside

Starting next Wednesday (May 20th), WTMA will have outdoor classes in the park south of the school.  There should be plenty of space to spread out and keep sections under the 10 person limit. After all, there are 4 softball fields there! This will continue as long as necessary.

These will be 90 minute classes starting at 6:00pm.

Wednesdays = Haidong Gumdo
Thursdays = Pine Tree Taekwondo

Sweats & T-shirts acceptable. Shoes as preferred. Masks as desired. Please message Master F. if you plan to attend on May 20th. There is some additional information.

You can use this Google Maps link to see the park. We’ll gather near the playground and organize from there. If you select the satellite view (toggle in lower left), you can see the layout of the park.

White Tiger Haidong Gumdo Stance Tutorial

With the aid of 4th Dan Instructor, Russell Chapman, here’s a brief insight into Haidong Gumdo stances as taught within WTMA Haidong Gumdo. Please note that the lecture discusses the textbook version of the stances (because Instructor Chapman can do them) but it is more important (in Master Frankovich’s opinion) that the “intent” behind the stances are followed more than the textbook.

If you understand why the stance is used, it can be modified to fit you! The wide range of variables (age, sex, body type, mileage, etc) greatly affect the stance. Keep in mind that the hips need to drive the technique and should be considered most when doing stances within basic, forms, and other training.

Korean Sword Introductory Seminars

Looking to fill up my seminar calendar further! This is a fun, no experience necessary seminar for those interested in learning the sword. There are dates open through the end of the year and into early 2019.

Let me know if you’re interested in attending! School owners are encouraged to host and see what the program might do to help your school. There are two versions available!
Version 1 – a three hour that presents the white belt curriculum
Version 2 – a full weekend that details the white belt curriculum and more.

 Send me a note via the form below!

If you’re interested in old school Taekwondo – Korean Karate – and its applications, click here!

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