Pine Tree Taekwondo Testing 2018

The following dates are the planned testing for 2018.

February 17
(names submitted by February 3)

May 19
(names submitted by May 5)

August 18
(names submitted by August 4)

November 17
(names submitted by November 3)

These dates are all rank testing! Branch schools MUST have the list of students testing sent to Master F. at least two (2) weeks prior.

Students – Test fees should be paid to your teacher no later than the class prior to the test.

True Growth

Okay, the audio is poor but it says a lot!

This is out of New Zealand but applies everywhere! I agree completely with his graphic about successful athletes. I also hope that people will start viewing the martial arts as more than just a sport but a way to teach the points he mentions! The personal growth areas of character, values, virtues and discipline are SO much more important to develop than how many trophies/medals you have on a shelf!

Fight Like A Girl

I don’t know that I’ve posted anything here but…
Back in the day, when I was yellow belt (Karate North Gold belt – 8th gup), I started sparring. This was March 1981 or so and a Purple belt (4th gup) lady pulled me aside to spar with her. It ended up that she was tired of being “beat on” by the 15 & 16 year old males in the class. Their lack of control and excessive contact was beyond what she was interested in.

So, after a few weeks of sparring with just her, there was a night when she wasn’t present for sparring. The whole fun of that night is when I ducked under a flying side kick from a fellow student about 4 years my junior. Yeah, he missed as he went over my back, then I punched him in the head.

Since that night sparring him and a few others, I’m proud to claim that I fight like a girl. Now why do I put it this way? Because it isn’t a negative thing. It is a way to understand what tools you have and how to use them. I’m not the strongest nor fastest and, if I hadn’t spent the time with her, I probably wouldn’t have continued with Taekwondo. My personality doesn’t fit the aggressiveness of the sport.

I’ve been banged on pretty hard by some of the competitors in my sparring division during colored belt days. The sneaky that I learned was the only way that I could keep up with them. Since then, I’ve kept sparring and challenging my students to understand the fight. This work has also helped me develop a better understanding of personal protection and problem solving.

I guess where I’m trying to go with this is that, yes, there are many differences between males and females physically, which is basic physiology. Then again, I would rather watch the quality athleticism of women’s college softball and basketball over men’s baseball and basketball. The games are cleaned with more actual playing. I guess I’m good with fighting like a girl.

Thoughts into Words (Bunhae)

When I started training in the martial arts, I found that learning techniques came quickly. The coordinated movements seemed to fit together with decent balance. The flow of techniques in drills – stances to kick to stance to punch – helped develop them further. This is the start of developing discipline and focus.

This was much easier than figuring out how a pattern moved and why it moved. Developing the application of techniques is only proper to martial arts training. The work put into figuring out why a technique has been included in the pattern. Then how is it being applied as the technique shows up in other patterns,

Okay, so now I’ve got the movement down and an application set. What do I know? Probably still very little. I do tell students that they can use a “Hollywood” story to hep them remember the pattern but I warn them to not keep that as the only story. That version may not include practical application of the techniques. It isn’t until you look at techniques as being applicable combinations separated in patterns by direction changes. Yes, when you change directions, you change the fight. Patterns aren’t really one full fight but rather several linked together.

The next item that comes into play is being able to articulate what you see as the application of a technique to another student. I have written student manuals to help students but I know that in several places my labeling of technique and movements are inadequate. They don’t say what is truly happening but I don’t have better words. This ends up being an illustration of why I’m always a beginner. There is way too much to learn and pass on.