Martial Arts Academic Bachelor’s of Art degree!
B.A. GLOBAL BUSINESS: Nonprofit and Parks and Recreation Management (NP-PRECM)
featuring a Taekwondo specialization and a Haidong Gumdo specialization
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Minnesota International University (MIU) is a new academic institution approved by the Minnesota Board of Higher Education. It will begin offering classes in January 2013. MIU will begin the two year accreditation process immediately but this is a voluntary action and not required to grant legitimate degrees. The accreditation will only benefit the student through enabling the option to use Federal financial aid to attend.

Students without any martial arts experience will earn a 2nd Dan in their art as part of graduation requirements. Business courses will also be required to complete the degree. These will focus on Non-profit and Parks & Recreation to direct the student toward working as part of the lifetime fitness/wellness industry.

The martial arts curriculum that will be used to teach local students is what I have been teaching for many years. Those students wishing to earn their degree and have previous martial arts experience can work in a distance program and well as an accelerated program. The distance program will include working with an affiliated Master instructor and presenting all required curriculum to MIU. The accelerated program will be similar with local & distance options. This means that you can earn credit for what you have done and NOT have to start over again.

Please check the website for information as its completed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Master Robert Frankovich

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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