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Building A Better Boat

Posted on Nov 30th, 2018 - By Master Robert Frankovich - 0 Comments

Driving home yesterday, listening to a country radio station because my regular station started playing Christmas music before Black Friday, I heard…

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Which Journey?

Posted on Oct 9th, 2018 - By Master Robert Frankovich - 0 Comments

Recently a discussion came about that questioned rank and time in rank. How does rank work? When can I test again? Do I have to wait [blank] years…

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To Benefit The Student

Posted on Sep 11th, 2018 - By Master Robert Frankovich - 0 Comments

Now, I admit that my martial arts training started because of my personal interests, but that has changed and grown over the years. Not that my…

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The Music in Mudo!

Posted on Aug 7th, 2018 - By Master Robert Frankovich - 1 Comment

Guest post by Bill Hedrick. There is a story about the great American Composer Aaron Copland. In his later years he enjoyed conducting his own…

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I have students

Posted on Jul 17th, 2018 - By Master Robert Frankovich - 0 Comments

In my martial arts school, I don't have [blank]. I have students! This started with having younglings in class. Yes, those who are under the age…

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